Summer is the time to lock in winter price assurance


Summer. Time to turn off the heat and enjoy a break from harsh weather and costly fuel bills. No need to worry about buying oil until fall, right? Actually, summer is the ideal time to think about oil. One decision that you make now will eliminate any concerns about fuel prices for the next heating season. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t when you take advantage of Taylor Oil’s Winter Price Assurance Plan, where a single summer purchase gets you the best rate for the oil you’ll use this winter.

Here’s how it works – Taylor Oil buys fuel directly from our suppliers during the warm weather. We calculate the projected number of gallons you’ll need for the winter based on your home’s usage history, and offer you the opportunity to pre-purchase oil in bulk at a capped price.

This allows us to pass along real savings to you with these guaranteed benefits:

  • Peace of mind. No need to worry about market fluctuations causing prices to spike, because you’ve already paid for your oil.
  • Double savings protection. If the price of oil goes down, your account will be credited for the lower rate. If the price rises, your capped price won’t be affected.
  • Nothing to lose. Any purchased gallons that you haven’t used by the end of the contract period will convert to a monetary credit on your account.

You can’t go wrong with our Winter Price Assurance Plan. One payment and you’ll be set for the season. And when you put your account on automatic delivery our system will monitor your usage and let us know when you’re ready for oil, so you don’t have to worry about checking the gauge. It really is a win-win for you.

Watch for our special time-sensitive mailing coming soon. You can return the signed contract to us by mail or, better yet, call our office and we’ll complete the transaction right over the phone. Don’t delay – this popular offer can sell out quickly. Act fast to lock in your winter savings this summer!