Heating System

Is you heating system not running?

Here are a list of things to check before calling for service.

  1. Push the Reset Button on the burner (usually a red or black button and location varies depending on the system) hold it down for a few seconds and release.  If the unit comes on and stays running, there is no need for a service call. If  you have to keep pushing the reset button than call for service.  If nothing happens after the reset button has been pushed, continue troubleshooting.
  2. Check your oil Tank Gauge to make sure there is fuel in the tank.
  3. Check the Emergency Switch, it should be in the “ON” position  (switch is usually located at the top of your basement stairs and has a red plate cover).
  4. Check your Circuit Breakers to ensure it did not trip the switch.
  5. If you have a Digital Thermostat try changing the batteries.


Reset Button

Tank Guage

Emergency Switch

Circuit Breaker

Digital Thermostat

Once you have tried and or checked all the troubleshooting ideas above and the unit still is not working, a service call is needed.

NOTE: Heating systems should have an annual maintenance once a year to ensure the system is running efficiently. If a system goes for a long period of time without maintenance then the unit could be plugged. If this is the case, the unit will not run until it’s thoroughly cleaned and free of soot.