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8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Propane Heat:

When it comes time to replace your old home heating system, or in new home construction, consider these benefits of  Propane:

  1. Propane furnaces cost up to 60% less to operate than oil furnaces, electric heat pumps and wood furnaces.
  2. Propane heating systems cost less to install than oil-fueled heating systems.
  3. Propane heats significantly faster than electricity.
  4. Because propane furnaces and boilers are compact, they can be installed in small spaces.
  5. Clean-burning propane furnaces and boilers tend to last longer.
  6. Propane works even during power outages so you can enjoy uninterrupted home comfort.
  7. Propane is a clean, reliable energy source abundantly produced in North America, reducing reliance on foreign oil.
  8. Propane offers more versatility than any other energy source so it can be used for everything from home heating to gas fireplaces to lighting up your backyard.

Taylor Propane can install and service your propane appliances, and deliver propane, for the best price in your area.
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Why choose Taylor Propane?


  • Dual Fuel Discount- purchase your oil and propane and let the savings begin.
  • 24 Hr Service- For your propane needs we have Service Technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Friendly office staff with years of propane experience.
  • Safety-  We preach it and we practice it. Our underground storage tanks are the safest in the area.



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What can you use Propane for? Lots of things!

Barbeque Grills, Pool Heaters, Home Heating Systems, Clothes Dryer, Hot Water Heaters

and those are just a few.

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